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White paper

Enterprise API Fabric using GraphQL

Premkumar Chelliah Veerakumar,

Directory, Technology

Published: March 30, 2021
API Fabric using GraphQL

The API Fabric is an essential element to build today’s digital enterprises. Not getting it right directly impacts IT and business agility. API Fabric can be a digital economy inside the extended enterprise (including partners and userbase). A successful one will have the ability to serve all services and data, in the shape and format that the consumer needs from a single place.

Today, predominantly REST APIs are used to create this API Fabric. As REST was created 21 years ago for way less complex use cases, it falls short in fulfilling the agility needed from the API Fabric. Large digital enterprises are moving to GraphQL to realize the potential of the API Fabric. This white paper will look at the GraphQL ecosystem and how to start building your API Fabric.

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