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Continuous Quality-as-a-Service: The next frontier

Aman Chandra & Sujatha Sivaraman
Published: November 24, 2023
Continuous Quality-as-a-Service: The next frontier
Continuous Quality-as-a-Service: The next frontier

Continuous Quality as a Service (CQaaS) is an evolving software development discipline necessitated by changing customer demands, increasing application complexities, resource constraints, and ongoing business growth. It aims to deliver higher quality in software products, analogous to the superior customer experience offered by video streaming over traditional DVD rentals. Unlike conventional reactive methods with late issue detection, CQaaS promotes proactive, integrated quality practices throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Relying on continuous testing solely is not enough to achieve the "triple play" of customer experience, efficiency, and speed. Instead, attaining continuous quality through embedded and ecosystem quality can unlock many operational and business benefits, including a significant reduction in time to market, higher operational efficiency, and enhanced end-user satisfaction.

In this whitepaper, let's explore CQaaS, its two core components, and how the approach is essential for organizations seeking to excel in customer experience, efficiency, and business agility.

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Uncover the power of Continuous Quality as a Service (CQaaS) and learn how it enhances customer experience, boosts efficiency, and accelerates business growth.

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