White paper

Cloud migration strategies for Capital Market firms

Amit Bhute,

SVP, Global Head, Banking & Financial Services

Published: December 2, 2020
Cloud migration strategies

As a result of slowing enterprise growth in capital markets, there is a shift in focus towards cost optimization and operational efficiency. Migration to cloud has emerged as one of the top agendas to drive business continuity while reducing infrastructure and operations costs. However, the journey to cloud has been fraught with numerous pitfalls and challenges. Capital market firms need to have a structured framework in evaluating which applications to migrate in the correct order. 

In this paper, Amit Bhute, SVP, Global Head Banking and Financial Services Practice, Virtusa, shares how capital markets firms should approach their cloud migration strategy. He discusses how using business capability modeling and knowing which parameters to evaluate applications’ cloud readiness can be used to create a comprehensive 6R migration roadmap. 

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