Unlock transformational insights with a modern enterprise data warehouse

Published: July 9, 2020

While the business world is getting accustomed to the new normal, one thing is certain – data will play a significant role in ensuring business success and effective responses to market disruptions. The current crisis has heightened the need to move away from legacy on-premise data warehouse platforms to a modernized enterprise data warehouse (EDW) on the cloud to achieve higher price-performance, addresses data diversity challenges, and accelerate business outcomes.

On-premise data assets from legacy systems offer limited capabilities, are expensive to maintain, and are slow to respond to dynamic market requirements. That’s where Amazon Redshift is a clear winner, delivering a future-ready EDW that delivers 10x faster performance at 1/10th the cost of traditional data warehouses.

Join experts from AWS and Virtusa as we discuss how you can accelerate your data transformation journey and unlock insights to drive business transformation across the enterprise.

We discuss:

  • How to build a thorough migration roadmap to move to Amazon Redshift
  • Reducing overall total cost of ownership and accelerating performance
  • How to deliver real-time transformational insights from your data lake, at optimal cost

Transforming today’s financial institutions into tomorrow’s market leaders

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