Reimagine customer experience in a post-COVID-19 world

By accelerating digital transformation in insurance

Published: February 4, 2021

The insurance industry is going through a flux with agents retiring, a millennial workforce taking over, and customer demographics changing rapidly. The business model ‘as is’ is no longer competitive or efficient. The shift towards digital and automation is indispensable. A remote workforce, millennial migration towards non-insurance careers, declining customer loyalties, and the rising demand for instant services are some of the key trends driving digital transformation in the insurance industry.

In this fireside chat with industry leaders, find out the best practices for managing change and meeting customer expectations in a world altered by the pandemic.

Learn from the experts as they discuss:

  • Current demographics, expectations, and demands triggering the transformation
  • Comparison of the transformation journey with other industries
  • SWOT analysis based on customer and workforce demands
  • Touchless and accelerated underwriting, a game-changer for life insurance
  • Hyper-automation and connected experiences in healthcare
  • Technologies and trends that missed the spotlight
  • Evolving product offerings, work-life balance, and culture
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