An analysis of retail deposit growth in European banks

Published: February 9, 2020
An Analysis of Retail Deposit Growth in European Banks

Globally, the retail banking industry is going through a major systemic shift caused by evolving technologies, regulations, demography, consumer behavior, and even cryptocurrency. There is also a threat to conventional retail banking models by fast-emerging FinTechs.

Virtusa conducted an extensive study on how these trends have affected the European retail banking market. The performance of large banks was analyzed in terms of deposit growth, revenue, and operating expense, as well as the correlation between overall performance and deposit base, and the significance of investments in digital and mobile technologies in improving efficiency and profitability.

Our analysis highlighted several key observations of the European retail banking market over the last five years, including:

  • Annual deposit growth for the European banks has been modest, averaging 1.8% between 2008 and 2018
  • The largest banks enjoyed the best growth and grew deposits 2 to 6 times as much as their smaller competitors
  • The top-performing banks in the study were French banks Crédit Mutuel and Crédit Agricole, outperforming competition achieving over 19% deposit growth since 2015

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Findings are authored by Virtusa’s Bob Graham, EVP and Global Head of Transformation Services, and Padmanabh Munje, Director of Business Consulting.

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