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Podcast: Enterprise IT in the age of AI

Published: October 8, 2018
Podcast: Enterprise IT in the Age of AI

Companies like Apple and Amazon have set the standard for "smart" user experiences, and consumers won't settle for anything less. In order to address the increasingly demanding needs of their customers, forward-looking enterprises are turning to the most transformative technology of our time: AI.

But emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning come with a great deal of challenges concerning privacy and regulation. How can you avoid the common mistakes that set other businesses back?

Virtusa and Aberdeen team up to explore everything AI, and learn how your business can benefit from emerging technologies to become a truly intelligent enterprise in this four-part podcast series.

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Podcast: Enterprise IT in the Age of AI

Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions Frank Palermo and Vice President of User Solutions David Katz at Virtusa and Research Director Jim Rapoza at Aberdeen discuss how leading companies are using this technology to change how an enterprise is built and transform business results.

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