Solving complex business challenges with Virtusa and Microsoft

Vikas Renukaradhya,

Director & Global Head of Microsoft COE – Cloud Transformation

Published: January 23, 2023

In 2023, enterprises face a daunting task: Controlling costs and, at the same time, deriving greater value from existing cloud investments. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2027 most organizations will view the cloud as both a business disruptor and an innovation facilitator.  

In today’s landscape, business and IT leaders must reimagine what’s possible. They need to balance business innovation with operational excellence by tapping into the power of data and analytics, interoperability, and automation. To get there, enterprise leaders will turn to cloud partners with the experience, tools, and industry knowledge to optimize resources, ramp up productivity, and streamline processes. 

Leading enterprises today are turning to Virtusa and Microsoft — the cloud experts — to help solve complex cloud transformation challenges. With deep industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, skills, and best practices, to help maximize results with new thinking on the most innovative cloud platform. Take a look at the digital-first competencies designed to help enterprises thrive: 

Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud is no longer optional for enterprises looking to reduce costs, amplify productivity, and adapt to emerging social and economic factors. As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we have developed a proven large-scale cloud migration factory. By leveraging our automated engineering accelerators, migration efforts are greatly reduced, and by partnering with Virtusa and Microsoft, our clients quickly realize benefits, including:

  • Outcome-driven business choices: More than 50 of our Fortune 500 clients have realized 30% higher cost savings compared to their experience working with other SIs
  • Custom-built migration tools: 100% of our clients have achieved successful, and on-time data center exits with 40% faster migration than industry standards using our IP suite.
  • Strong partner credentials:
    • Virtusa has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for 8+ years
    • We’ve attained Solution Partner designation for Infrastructure & Digital App Innovation and advanced specialization for Linux & Open Source DB migration & web app modernization.

App Innovations

With engineering as our backbone, we deliver cloud-native innovative architectures. To utilize the cloud’s complete capabilities, we build and support digital-first applications that give our customers an edge in highly competitive industries. 

Data & Analytics

Data and analytics are the lifeblood of the enterprise. To remain agile and optimize the customer experience, it’s crucial to utilize tools that can make sense of complex metrics. We help build data ingestion, reliable data pipelines, data warehouses, lakes, and advanced analytics on Microsoft Azure, leveraging cloud-native data and analytics services. Additionally, our vDataAid and vPaac solutions in the Azure Marketplace help accelerate data modernization and automate cloud data infrastructure provisioning. 

Business Apps

Over the years, we’ve gained extensive experience navigating large transformation programs on the Microsoft LCNC platform. Our business process and application offerings provide a clear road map for digitalizing legacy applications by addressing and mitigating complexity. In 2022, we were recognized as a US Microsoft Partner of the Year in the Power Automate category for our efforts. Find the details here, along with the complete list of winners. 


Speed and agility are critical for effectively navigating end-to-end lifecycles and processes. Virtusa has acquired DevOps with Github on Azure Advanced Specialization—we are the only ITES partners to achieve this recognition out of 360. 


Virtusa and Microsoft know how to ensure proper compliance and enterprise security while optimizing overall performance and creating a modern workplace. By bringing security to the forefront, we optimize vulnerability scanning with Azure DevOps continuous integration, enable MFA on Azure Kubernetes Service, and use Azure Security Center to strengthen the security posture. 

Whether you’re just starting out, en route, or stalled on your cloud transformation journey, our solutions are designed to move your organization forward. With trusted cloud experts by your side, unlock new value by making the most of your investments and lean into a partnership that delivers speed, agility, and innovation.

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