Modernization – what is driving this change?

Tim Beachus,
Senior Vice President, DPA, AI, and Cloud Technology Group, Virtusa
Stu Smith,
Modernization Advisor, Pegasystems

Published: July 22, 2022

Our world is constantly changing, with the rate of change increasing yearly. Several components—the economy, social unrest, disruption to global supply chains, and technology innovations—drive high levels of unpredictability across nearly every aspect of our lives and work.

This unpredictability presents great challenges for business and IT companies. For organizations that want to stay current and maximize their investments, including leveraging the right to upgrade through maintenance, it is critical to modernize their mission critical applications.

Modernization helps companies  differentiate their products and services, gain a competitive advantage, increase productivity in both business and IT services, improve innovation, and reduce accumulated technical debt.

Companies that embrace modernization see greater productivity and accelerated returns. Modernization does four things at once: It stimulates growth, eliminates depreciated functionality, replaces outdated design constructs with modern equivalents, and pays off technical debt.


  • Increase Business Agility
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Increase Productivity
  • Transfer Ownership to Business

+ 5% Revenue  |  + 2 pts Retention  |  + 15% Efficiency


  • Simplify Infrastructure
  • Reduce Operational Support Costs
  • Reduce Ongoing Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Technical Debt

50% Reduction | Avg 4 FTE redeployed | + 35% Efficiency

This is a journey, not a sprint!

Modernization isn’t a project; it's a continuous process of evolution, refinement, and optimization. The advent of cloud and as-a-service delivery models changed the way we develop and operate applications. Modernization requires a platform with architecture that reduces complexity and offers modern features that help businesses pivot. Pega Infinity was an answer to this challenge. It is a systematic, proactive approach that uses Pega capabilities to build a new application or to update and modernize outdated applications on Pega software. 

Modernization can take many forms. For one company, it may be as simple as updating the Pega app. For another, it could involve a migration to Pega Cloud or to a native cloud platform. It is important to recognize that it may take time to fully utilize all Pega Infinity features and modernize an application. 

Pega Modernization Maturity Level

Pega applications typically land in one of three scenarios:

When should I consider modernizing Pega applications?

Organizations should consider embarking on a Pega modernization journey if any of the following are true:

  • The Pega application wasn’t built on Pega Infinity.
  • The application hasn’t taken advantage of the evolution of Pega’s capabilities.
  • The application hasn’t been upgraded for a long time; it simply follows Pega’s Extended Support Policy.
  • The application has completed only tolerance upgrades; the perception of Pega among employees or customers is poor or antiquated.

What are the modernized Pega features and capabilities?

Pega Infinity is built for containers and microservices. It helps organizations accelerate delivery. With access to built-in artificial intelligence in a unified platform, organizations can drive fast resolution and uncover hidden value. A modern user interface framework and design system—COSMOS—unlocks unique experiences in business apps, improving responsiveness, performance, and ease of use.

The Pega Express design-thinking methodology improves the way software is built and delivered. Simultaneously, it helps users create solutions rapidly, see value quickly, and scale widely across their organizations. Four distinct Studio workspaces have democratized application development, which permits anyone in an organization to create an app that aligns with their expertise and adds value quickly.

The Pega Process Fabric feature helps companies connect work from distributed processes and systems without sacrificing the business agility that accompanies application independence. Process AI uses Pega’s industry-leading intelligence engine to bring revolutionary process optimization to the intelligent automation market. Together, DevOps and the comprehensive-testing toolkits feature deliver and build high-quality apps via automated deployment and testing. Thanks to these enhancements, both businesses and IT services can exit the Dark Ages and leverage process optimizations and developer productivity.

Call to action!

Pega modernization is a clear solution for organizations that need to accelerate digital transformation without losing sight of customer expectations. Simply stated, the power of Pega Infinity—when combined with that of Pega Cloud Services—will deliver the functionality, intelligence, and operational support to transform your business.

Pega Process Fabric

Unify processes into a comprehensive view for insights

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