Pega Process Fabric

Unify processes into a comprehensive view for insights

Microservices are autonomous, abstracted, lightweight web services accessible from multiple endpoints to help organizations manage data: architecture, access, and hygiene. While the goal is to get the data in the best systems for processing, these services do not entirely articulate the digitized business. Often the work is embedded in ERPs, CRMs, and other workflows in the aging legacy stack. When they’re stitched together through microservices, we view the data at rest, but comprehensive visibility into the data's history of movement and evolution is still elusive.

Pega Process Fabric provides an on-demand view into an aggregated and prioritized, interwoven worklist for employees across applications. As work goes through Process Fabric, reports and dashboards are available for both open and resolved work – giving you a fantastic 360-degree view of the business activities and the customer’s journey within your business.

Key features

Pega’s federated case management has been available for nearly a decade, but Process Fabric accomplishes this federation from non-Pega systems.

Virtusa is uniquely suited to construct the Process Fabric Library of Connectors. Solution features include:

  • Adapters purpose-built for their endpoints 
  • Industry-leading case management capabilities
  • Robust audit trails with SLAs, routing automations, and correspondence
  • Established context and relationships from one process to the next in a process network 
  • Rules-driven, straight-through-processing and automations across multiple systems
  • Views across customer lifecycles
Pega Fabric Process - Solution Features
Key benefits

Process Fabric puts the work in the hands of the most advanced process enablement technology in the world.

Gain the efficiencies of leveraging Pega to manage the work using the conventional out-of-the-box capabilities, and gain:  

  • On-demand and comprehensive worklist views for employees across applications
  • 360-degree views of the business activities and the customer’s journey within your business
  • Reports and dashboards for both open and resolved work 
  • More intelligent decision making and AI-driven, next-best-actions 
  • Better customer experience, cross-sell/up-sell, and retention
Why Virtusa?

Virtusa’s deep and rich engineering heritage serving Independent Software Vendor (ISV) helps software companies build and evolve their product(s). A prime example of this is over 20 years ago when Virtusa assisted Pegasystems at a critical time in Pega’s history. Its product was re-platformed to a different 4GL (Java), capabilities were added to bundle rules, and process into a singular runtime.  To this day, Virtusa is embedded in Pega engineering.

Virtusa is uniquely suited to construct the Process Fabric Library of Connectors, and, in fact, there’s one implementation of Process Fabric out there and Virtusa did it. 

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