From silos to symphonic success - harnessing the power of data and AI

Lawrence Coppin,

Vice President, Technology, Salesforce at Virtusa



Published: February 20, 2024

In today’s boardrooms, data isn't just a buzzword; it's perhaps the only word. The C-suite is doubling down on data solutions, driven by a thirst for actionable insights, hyper-personalized experiences, and a competitive edge powered by AI. As per a research survey of industry leaders, 58% of respondents expect customer data to drive revenue growth directly for their company.

One of the most crucial aspects of data management today is business process transformation. This transformation entails a shift from a System of Record approach (SOR) to a System of Engagement and Experience (SOE2) approach in data management, which involves moving beyond just storing data to creating interactive, persona-driven, user-centric experiences. This transition enhances collaboration, enables real-time insights, and focuses on adaptability, providing a holistic data view for more informed decision-making.

Breaking down the barriers to business-boosting data

Here's where Salesforce Data Cloud enters the scene to connect, harmonize, and activate your data. Data Cloud from Salesforce helps unify all your customer data from discrete data sources at scale. The data can then be used to anticipate customer needs and preferences with unified profiles that adapt to real-time activity. Finally, that data can empower teams to create intelligent, automated experiences with unified data across the customer journey.

These solutions help enrich your data with open access through Bring Your Own Lake (BYOL) and Bring Your Own Models (BYOM). BYOL smashes data silos and fragmentations by seamlessly integrating your Salesforce data with external data lakes/data warehouses like Snowflake, Databricks, and Major CSPs. It enables organizations to do the following:

  • Access data seamlessly in Data Cloud from any lake or warehouse with file or query-level data federation without building extensive data pipelines. 
  • Easily share harmonized customer data from Data Cloud with lakes, warehouses, and other tools.
  • Join data across platforms without costly data movement to unlock new insights.

BYOM, on the other hand, empowers organizations to leverage existing custom AI models within the Data Cloud, boosting ROI on hard-earned algorithms. With BYOM, businesses can do the following:

  • Easily integrate your AI Models or LLMs for use anywhere in the Salesforce Platform, all through the Einstein Trust layer.
  • Access harmonized customer data for AI model training and fine-tuning on the platform of choice.
  • Maximize returns from custom AI investments.

Maximizing Your Existing Salesforce Investment

Organizations leveraging Salesforce's Data Cloud and BYO features can maximize their investments in the installed Salesforce base in various ways.

  • Sales Cloud: Prioritize impactful growth opportunities without the guesswork. Get a unified view of your accounts and sales activities with data from any source.
  • Service Cloud: Help customers before they file a case with a single, dynamic view of every customer and all your service data.
  • Marketing Cloud: Save time and optimize marketing spend with automated engagement, intelligent segmentation, and real-time activation and insights.
  • Health Cloud: Gain a holistic view of your patients, providers, and partners – across clinical, behavioral, and social data – to drive intelligent actions in real time.

Healthcare and life sciences - Where data becomes a lifesaver

For Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) companies, Data Cloud isn't just a business booster; it's a potential lifesaver. Players across the healthcare ecosystem can leverage it.

The healthcare provider can monitor trends in patient health scores, visualize patient progress, and make quicker decisions. This will enable highly personalized engagement throughout a patient’s care journey, reducing patient attrition. The provider will also be able to grow their business by targeting new patients with relevant campaigns and content based on multiple data sources.

Data Cloud can provide improved outcomes for stakeholders across the healthcare pipeline. For healthcare businesses, insights into the payer segment, such as member churn prediction, next best actions, plan recommendation, and prospect scoring can elevate the marketing and sales journey for growth. Data Cloud will allow payers to use unified health scoring with non-clinical and clinical data. Automated action can then be taken based on changes in score, recommending NBAs to deliver value-based care outcomes.

Healthcare use cases


  • Advanced segmentation and analytics of data for personalized marketing automation and reports.
  • Unified health scoring with non-clinical and clinical data.
  • Automated action based on changes in score and recommended NBAs to deliver value-based care outcomes.


  • Monitor trends in patient health scores, visualize patient progress, and make quicker decisions.
  • Reduce patient attrition by delivering highly personalized engagement throughout their care journey.
  • Grow the business by targeting new patients with relevant campaigns & content based on multiple data sources.

Med Tech

  • Stream large volumes of device data into Data Cloud and trigger CRM journeys e.g. pro-active patient interventions, pro-active servicing, and pro-active selling of upgrades, supplies, etc.
  • Based on enormous device data from various patients, AI triggers for assessments and proposes more optimal device adjustments and calibrations.


  • Advanced analytics can convert clinical studies' insights data into actions.
  • Automation of document generation for drugs, templates, and facts can cut down the huge manual effort of writing documentation.
  • Modeling scores that help in analyzing drug efficacy and efficiency
    B2B, B2C RX personalization, notifications, and fulfillment processes.

Med Tech companies can stream large volumes of device data into Data Cloud and trigger CRM journeys including proactive patient interventions, proactive servicing, and proactive selling of upgrades, supplies, etc., Based on device data from various patients, AI triggers for assessments can also be set, proposing more optimal device adjustments and calibrations in the process.

Through Data Could, pharma companies across the spectrum can leverage advanced analytics to convert clinical studies’ insights data into actions. They can also automate document generation for drugs; templates and facts can reduce the manual effort of writing documentation.

Healthcare and Life sciences are where the human impact of data truly shines. It's about turning numbers into healthier lives, and Data Cloud provides the tools and platform to make it happen.

Virtusa, your data ally

Ready to unleash the power of Data Cloud? Salesforce is offering 10,000 free Data Cloud Profiles for Enterprise and Unlimited customers. That's like getting a VIP pass to the data revolution. But why go at it alone? Virtusa is a preferred HLS Salesforce Summit Partner with deep digital expertise and extensive industry experience. We combine our data and cloud expertise with our Salesforce knowledge to provide holistic Salesforce, data, and AI solutions that deliver unparalleled personalization to our customers.

We have completed the first Data Cloud implementation in the US Provider market – unifying first-party CRM data, Epic EMR data, website, marketing, and third-party propensity data to enable hyper-personalized patient marketing and engagement. We are also one of the few players in the market with certified Data Cloud consultants who can provide tailored solutions to clients.

With industry top-quartile delivery NPS scores and a highly skilled and certified resource pool of over 750+ Salesforce and 250+ Snowflake FTEs Virtusa is your ultimate ally for Data Cloud transformation.

Lawrence Coppin

Lawrence Coppin

Vice President, Technology, Salesforce at Virtusa

Lawrence Coppin is well-known in the Salesforce world, boasting over a decade of expertise. Currently stationed in London, he heads Virtusa's Salesforce Healthcare Business. With an impressive tally of 19 certifications, Lawrence has driven organizational transformations across various sectors, including healthcare and real estate, through his profound Salesforce acumen. Notably, Lawrence is among the select 12 global leaders appointed to the prestigious Salesforce HLS Partner Advisory Board.

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