Digital process automation in 2020 and beyond

A leadership perspective

Published: October 12, 2020

Effective application of digital process automation (DPA) requires incorporating a complex mixture of strategic consulting, industry experience required for process mining and redesign, and a deep understanding of various technologies that includes but is not limited to - business process management, robotic process automation, low/no code automation and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Process automation plays a critical role in digital transformation. While recent cloudification movements have led many organizations into advancing their DPA-focused strategies, the most compelling recent market event that is pushing organizations to drive more automation and modernization is COVID-19. Corporate growth, and in some cases survival, rests on an organization’s ability to rapidly re-engineer their core business processes and technology platforms as well as train and enable their internal talent. 

With over 300 DPA-classified software platforms and tools on the market, selection of the right services partner to help you choose the right technology and subsequently build resilient platforms is a key success factor. DPA is an area which Virtusa has specialized in over the past decade - not just as a consulting and implementation partner but also as an active participant in core engineering efforts of DPA providers to help them construct their next generation platforms. The degree of difficulty for successfully designing and delivering complex process automation programs is exceptionally high and can be contested that it should be done with specialists over generalists.

Virtusa continues to be a proven DPA market leader and specialist and one that is able to drive speed, agility and successful delivery at scale for even the largest global organizations. We are proud to be recognized by Forrester once again as one of the global market leaders in digital process automation.

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