Cloud for the greater good - healthcare and life sciences

Published: May 5, 2020

The cloud is being used to transform our lives and make a positive impact that stays and matters. Healthcare and life sciences companies are leaning heavily on cloud and AI-based systems to drive innovation that helps everyone lead healthier lives.

Companies in this space are using the cloud for various things such as accelerating the pace of medical research to produce life-saving drugs, predicting the probability of a life-threatening disease well before it happens, discovering new and successful treatments for existing diseases, and much more. By leveraging the computing power of the cloud, combined with novel statistical methods, simulated patient data and machine learning, today’s healthcare and life sciences companies are identifying the best treatment strategies and risk factors for a variety of diseases using real-world evidence.

At Virtusa, we believe that the future value in life science is driven by innovation that focuses on outcomes with a high degree of personalization and is fueled by unlocking the power of simulated data. We recognize the critical importance of collaboration in advancing AI technologies to create intelligent solutions that make lives better and businesses more efficient. Virtusa is partnering with medical experts, researchers and leading cloud technology providers to deliver cloud-based intelligent systems like vLife, to accelerate the discovery of new drugs, new treatment strategies and cures for a range of illnesses.

Maximize clinical trial success with Sample Collection, Orchestration and Reconciliation (SCORE)

by digitizing and automating end-to-end sample collection processes

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