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Despite its popularity, cruise tourism faces a number challenges in attracting new customers and retaining old ones. Cruise tourism firms can increase demand by offering more personalized and luxurious guest rooms, more on-board experiences, and offshore excursions. However, adding these elements does increase cost and pose a threat to the goal of increasing the bottom line. Cruise tourism firms need to invest in long-term solutions that are built for change in order to keep costs low and grow their customer base.

With deep technology innovation expertise, Virtusa offers end-to-end solutions such as unified IT and BPM solutions. We have also partnered with leading technology companies to create customer-centric platforms and seamless digital customer experiences.

At Virtusa, we have over two decades of experience helping the cruise tourism industry by enhancing end-customer experience, improving top-line revenue, and optimizing operational expenditures by leveraging new, innovative technologies.


Accelerating product innovation by leveraging our engineering heritage to drive digital transformation
  • Guest experience
    Virtusa’s agile solution enables superior guest experience through automation and digitization. We support end-to-end processes that will take your brand to the next level. Our software solutions can empower your team members to provide a 5-star guest experience.

  • Customer loyalty and rewards
    Virtusa’s customer loyalty and rewards solution helps hospitality organizations with a dedicated focus on acquiring new customers and increasing market share as compared to the competition. 

  • Travel system modernization solutions
    Virtusa’s travel system modernization solutions help transform your organization digitally. Rolling out new business models requires agile core processing systems and a robust platform to enable new product innovation. 

  • Digital strategy & transformation
    Virtusa’s digital strategy and transformation expertise offers the consulting and technology solutions you need to dramatically improve the guest journey from research to arrival to loyal return. 

  • Analytics & data management
    Virtusa’s analytics and data management solution helps dramatically improve analytics by integrating your data to drive new understanding and develop deeper insights. We’ll help leverage powerful predictive models to put cloud-based, multi-dimensional data to work for you. 
Technology in Cruise Tourism and Hospitality


We help tap the opportunity to reimagine the future beyond connectivity with connected experiences across customer touchpoints and services, digitalized operations, and business models to drive exponential growth and time to market.


Leveraging genAI in SRE

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We empower Cruise Tourism and Hospitality businesses to deliver seamless customer experiences

By leveraging new/emerging technologies, we help Cruise Tourism and Hospitality companies build the right technology strategy, differentiated offerings, and competitive advantage

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