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As customer interactions and demands increase, organizations are pushed to serve complex customer requests promptly with empathy. As a result, employees spend most of their time handling high call volumes, leading to operational inefficiencies, escalated cost figures, low CSAT, and a shorter customer lifecycle. 

Virtusa’s integrated CAI architecture provides automated response facilities to help deliver personalized information across channels and gather insightful data. Create personalized and intelligent omnichannel experiences using real-time data with CAI across products, services, and industries. 

Key features

Virtusa constantly delivers an evolving suite of accelerators to drive business efficiencies to help its clients navigate their CX journey with its key accelerators:

  • vForce Agent Workspace: Single screen interaction and sentiment analysis to drive next-best action
  • vForce Video: Drag and drop widgets to enhance personalization and customer service flow
  • Insight Live: Gamification and transparency from developers to management
Contact Center Solution - Features

Key benefits

Clients choose Virtusa to improve their costs, efficiency, and CSAT. Some benefits delivered:

  • 50% increased agent productivity
  • 50% increased cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • 28% NPS boost
  • 50% agent productivity gain​
  • 30% reduced AHT
  • 30% increased contact center operation efficiency 

Success story

Leading bank experiences 90% reduced call cost with Virtusa CAI implementation

Expensive agent calls and long wait times were leading to increased customer churn. Virtusa leveraged pre-build assets and accelerators to implement Conversational AI solutions during the crisis of COVID-19. It included immediate response through Conversational AI virtual agent, FAQs and service fulfillment, IVR calls, voice biometrics, and omnichannel integration that seamlessly transitioned 1.5 million calls per month to bots and reduced call cost by 90%.

Top American healthcare payer eliminated 75% AHT by contact center operations modernization

The client wanted to scale up support to handle 60 million calls per year for their 100 million members. However, disparate systems failed to optimize operations for performance and payload. Virtusa implemented the MuleSoft AnyPoint abstraction layer connecting data sources and applications and maximized the re-use of components across business lines with LEX Service Cloud Console apps. The solution helped with a 27.5% reduction in call transfer rate and improved agent experience. 

Fortune 100 bank in the US increases call containment rate by 90% through automation

Virtusa built an NLP-optimized framework to improve the performance of the conversational engine for the bank. The AI-powered product recommendation engine improved personalized solutions extracted chat history with a linguistic analysis solution to build additional training data to improve the performance of the chatbot NLP engine. The client achieved 90% call containment, 50% improved call handling ability, and 30% better conversations.

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