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Improve productivity and asset utilization using technology-enabled solutions

Rail networks are seeing a significant uptick due to increased demand for cost-effective shipping options and greater environmental awareness about the effects of using specific ways of transportation. Passenger, and cargo rail networks, present some of the most complex transportation problems – data flow integration from various systems such as trains, tracks, signaling, maintenance, stations, underground passages, and over-bridges. While many companies handle these problems daily, they must do more to explore growth opportunities.

Virtusa’s deep industry knowledge combined with our expertise in data and analytics helps exploit data across the network for predictive outcomes and better capacity planning. Our industry-specific leading-edge technology solutions help providers achieve maximum network efficiency and asset utilization.

Virtusa helps rail networks achieve higher margins and increased profitability.
  • Supply chain optimization
    Our digital supply-chain solution seamlessly integrates with your supply chain and inventory processes, thereby improving agility and driving down costs. Our solutions encompass end-to-end, order-to-cash processes and inventory management. 

  • Outbound logistics solutions
    Virtusa’s outbound logistics solution along with its deep expertise in logistics processes integrates complex IT systems to ensure seamless last-mile connectivity. Businesses are exploring new technologies. Last-mile and first-mile deliveries are hotbeds for innovation in the logistics industry. 

  • Connected fleet management
    Virtusa’s connected fleet management solution integrates digital technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, and edge computing into an enterprise-class solution that uses vehicle data to deliver compelling, actionable insights for better decision making. 

  • Omni-channel customer experience
    Our omni-channel strategies help improve customer retention.  We deliver in-store personalization and sophistication by integrating digital and physical experiences. 
Rail Technology Solutions


We help tap the opportunity to reimagine the future beyond connectivity with connected experiences across customer touchpoints and services, digitalized operations, and business models to drive exponential growth and time to market.

Ensuring business transformation for global rail networks

Virtusa enables organizations to modernize core systems, transform business, and disrupt their markets with game-changing technologies.


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