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Cable multi system operators (MSOs) have undergone a major digital transformation from simple TV distribution to personalized bundles of quad-play services, placing great strain on their legacy back-office systems. Now, industry consolidation and intense competition from over-the-top (OTT) players is forcing them to innovate around mobility, cloud-based applications, and connected homes. Additionally, advanced competitors such as Apple and Amazon are making them provide a far richer customer experience.

Virtusa's digital engineering and transformation solutions help MSOs simplify their network architecture and deliver greater process automation for their orchestration platforms. Leveraging our innovation frameworks, we empower MSOs with advanced analytics and customer insights, accelerating system migrations to next-generation platforms, and modernizing new services delivery platforms. Our AI-driven business process automation solutions help MSOs improve performance significantly through consolidated customer views and proactive service management. We ensure that you have the bandwidth and service scalability that is essential to embrace new markets and improve business agility.

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