Aerospace and Defense

Enabling transformational outcomes in a highly competitive market

Compared to other industries, the aerospace and defense industry deals with a complex value chain. Businesses are struggling to cope with high lead times and heavy capital expenditures, and they need leading-edge manufacturing solutions, comprehensive aftermarket services, and innovative financial solutions to remain competitive and profitable. Aerospace and defense firms also need accurate forecasts of business demands and technology trends to plan for capability and capacity to stay ahead of their competition. To do so, they need to adopt new age, digital transformation solutions such as: industrial Internet, Cloud and Edge ComputingInternet of things (IoT)Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

At Virtusa, we have more than 10 years of experience in helping organizations operating in the aerospace and defense sectors to deliver superior customer experience and improve overall business performance.

Transformative digital technology solutions

Dramatically increase the success of your digital transformation. Whether developing net new solutions or scaling existing processes and staff worldwide, Virtusa helps you reach your goals in some of today’s most complex and fast-moving use cases

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