Process Manufacturing

Innovative technologies and strategies to help boost productivity

Process manufacturing complexity is increasing exponentially with the advent of digital technologies. Already covering a wide range of sections with varying demands, markets, products, and customer profiles, manufacturing firms are realizing that they need to implement innovative technology and solutions to handle the new complexities of product development, customer needs, and changing market landscapes. in order to enhance business agility, improve supply-chain efficiencies, and optimize customer experiences. they need to adopt solutions such as best of industry 4.0, industrial internet, Internet of things (IoT)edge computing-based technologies.

At Virtusa, we have over 20 years of experience innovating for and empowering process manufacturers in a number of regions across multiple product lines such as plastics, industrial chemicals, and agriculture.


Unlocking value with cutting-edge solutions

Our solutions empower you to optimize supply chains, gain a competitive edge through after-market services, and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. From prescriptive maintenance to Pega-based field service management, our transformative digital tech solutions drive success in complex use cases worldwide.

We empower manufacturers to gear up for the fourth industrial revolution.

With our technology heritage and deep domain expertise, we address manufacturing companies' IT challenges to help them deliver superior performance through automation and digital transformation.


Elevate your process manufacturing output.

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