Big Data Monetization

What is Big Data Monetization and how does it impact the information services industry?

In today’s digital landscape, Information Services organizations increasingly realize that huge volumes of valuable data remain unused and there is a need to put it to work to reap its benefits. This is particularly true in the context of Digital Publishing and Information Services organizations; global footprints, constant mergers and acquisitions, and day-to-day operations have led to the growth of unprecedented volumes of big data, including structured, open, and unstructured data.

The monetization of this data promises huge benefits for Information Services enterprises. Yet, to date, many have struggled to do so. Now is the time to act! As businesses become increasingly commoditized, Information Services enterprises need to find ways to generate revenues and create new services.

Our Solutions

Smart Content

To establish a multi-channel content strategy or to generate personalized content for improved user experience, Virtusa develops solution to digitize, acquire, optimize, and reuse digital assets. We help publish content that is contextual, meaningful, and relevant. 

Virtusa’s content strategy and solutions focus on information architecture, taxonomy, content governance, creation, and delivery.

Big Data

Virtusa’s Data Monetization solutions provide data and analytics on a single platform that seamlessly provides information on customers, operations, billing, and social media across B2C and B2B clients. 

Information Services providers increasingly recognize the need for exploring ways to tap large volumes of under-utilized data that can transform businesses. 

Our data management strategies and solutions help organizations define the best approaches for data architecture, data quality, governance, visualization, metadata, taxonomy, security, and storage.

Subscriber Management

Virtusa’s data management solutions offer master data management (MDM), data integration, data governance, and business intelligence (BI) capabilities to help you experience an in-depth 360-degree view of your subscribers. 

This integrates customer information across multiple channels, systems, devices, and products while enabling enterprises to improve the interaction experience, increase cross-selling, drive customer loyalty, and improve retention.

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