Data is core to the healthcare and life science companies, and many of their future initiatives depend on how successful they are in getting meaningful insights out of the data. Tight regulations, competitive environment, PHI information, and multiple DUAs are some of the key challenges that the industry is currently facing. Moreover, there is a huge risk involved in sharing detailed clinical data across the industry.

Why vLife™?

vLife™ serves as a medium to bridge the gap among various stakeholders of the industry and accelerate innovation. vLife™ is built to break down data silos and uncover meaningful insights to help address various challenges faced by the industry.

What is vLife™?

A cloud-based platform consisting of a comprehensive HIPAA compliant data lake with multiple data sources, pre-built APIs, AI, and ML models. It offers niche tools that not only leverage the latest technology but also address the domain needs.

What is vLife

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vLife™ offerings

Provider Services

AI-powered services to help providers address the needs of patients who are seeking treatment to prevent, alleviate, cure, or heal human illness, physical disability, or injury

Commercial Analytics

Solutions to help prepare for product launch and post-launch brand management as well as address critical business and quality factors that drive business performance

Clinical Trials

Learn how AI can help leverage trial data to drive informed outcomes in the times when clinical trial depends on the ability to deliver high-quality data quickly and cost-effectively

Payer Services

AI services for payers to help them streamline their business processes and deliver better services to their customers to enable greater and meaningful engagement

Patient Engagement

Inform patients about their options for treatment, medications, recuperation, and all other aspects of the healthcare system available for them

Bioinformatics as a Service

AI-driven cutting-edge bioinformatics data analysis that can be leveraged without a significant investment in laboratory personnel

Innovation as a Service

In a fast-paced and competitive market, healthcare and life sciences companies are investing in solutions and product platforms that can support flexible product designs and service all segments – groups, individuals, and government business. Virtusa’s Innovation as a Service methodology helps organizations realize what is possible by leveraging our Innovation Labs and our Digital API Frameworks. Whether it is mining data residing in EMR, exploring IoT solutions for patient and worker safety, assessing Smart Contract applicability for Blockchain, leveraging AI to differentiate customer experience or deploying Robotics at an enterprise level, Virtusa can partner with you on your transformation journey and help eliminate the costs of establishing such disruptive environments.

vLife™ makes innovation practical, affordable, and implementable.

Learn how it can help your business grow.

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Explore COVID-19 simulation
A simulator to analyze and forecast the effect of various policy interventions based on historical data at the country level. The model leverages statistical algorithms to estimate impact by combining probabilities associated with various scenarios.

Who uses vLife™?



HITRUST CSF certified

Virtusa HITRUST CSF CertifiedVirtusa is HITRUST CSF Certified for information security on the following platforms:  Active Directory, Endpoints, and Network Devices. The HITRUST CSF Certified status demonstrates that the organization’s application development, testing, production support, and infrastructure management services teams have met key regulations and industry-defined requirements and are appropriately managing risk.

What people are saying about vLife™

Biopharma and Medtech companies require sensitive EMR data for pre-clinical research, clinical trials, biomarker analysis, pre-and post-market analysis to name a few use cases that warrant the need for prediction models trained on large datasets of practically unattainable data. To close these gaps, organizations and researchers require access to large repositories of high-quality health datasets for a range of secondary uses that have no clinical or medical implications, including software development, testing, and clinical training. Synthetic data will accelerate the pace of development for AI. vLife is our platform for synthetic and anonymous data for our customer who wish to find creative paths towards technology-based innovation to just stay relevant, let alone truly disrupt.
– Executive Vice President, Virtusa, Jim Francis

Partnering with Virtusa will help the IBRI to achieve its objective of enabling regional, large life sciences companies to access data and technologies from a variety of organizations. Through the vLife™ open innovation platform, we’re exploring and enabling life sciences firms to accelerate progress towards finding next-level treatments by providing seamless access to focused, timeline-driven collaboration with universities, government entities, healthcare providers, and other research institutes and organizations.”
– Ph.D, Research Fellow and Vice President of Digital Technology, and Director of the Applied Data Sciences Center for the IBRI, Daniel H. Robertson

Life science companies must address how to seize the upside of disruption in today’s transformation age. Future value in life science is driven by innovation that focuses on outcomes with a high degree of personalization and is fueled by unlocking the power of synthetic data.
– Senior Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Virtusa, Anthony Lange

By working together, we believe we can address the increasing customer demand for cloud transformation expertise in industry verticals such as financial services, healthcare, life sciences and more to create significant value for all parties in the process, Virtusa is a valued member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and the SCA deepens the relationship between our two organizations to provide more value to our customers.
– Global Vice President of Channels and Alliances, Amazon Web Services, Inc., Terry Wise

Data drives solutions to the most difficult healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow. Researchers need data that is accessible, complete, and accurate. We need to look at synthetic data differently by applying AI and Big Data technologies to extend and enhance real-world evidence. We’re excited to see how Proxi will accelerate healthcare analysis and outcomes
– Principal Engineer of Data Analytics at Fuse, Jeff Graham

As a firm, our roots and ethos are deep in software engineering. Our program with IBRI is only one example of how we are working with clients to solve complex industry issues. We have also solved similar issues for companies in other industries, such as banking, insurance, media, communication, info services, healthcare, and life sciences.
– President at Virtusa, Samir Dhir

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