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Virtusa transforms SDLC for a major US based lifesciences firm

In 6 weeks, outlined the unified SDLC needs capable of improving velocity, predictability and efficiency

A leading American life sciences firm specializing in software as a service for clinical trials faced organizational challenges such as a mix of waterfall and agile methodologies, a lack of a unified software development life cycle (SDLC) across different levels, and a need for a DevOps mindset for efficient delivery. They turned to Virtusa to help increase predictability, speed, and efficiency while improving governance, communication, collaboration, and insight. Our approach entailed evaluating their current SDLC maturity and procedures and making valuable recommendations for incorporating agile practices into their model.

Virtusa assisted the client in setting priorities and developing a comprehensive roadmap through close collaboration. We improved existing templates and introduced new ones during the pilot phase, incorporating agile practices into the process flow. Our client gained a holistic perspective in just six weeks, allowing them to establish a unified SDLC that significantly improved velocity, predictability, and engineering efficiency.

The Challenge

The client faced the following challenges that collectively impacted project management, collaboration, efficiency, and the overall delivery speed of software projects:

• Waterfall with an agile toolset
• Various SDLC at different levels – no unified SDLC setup across levels
• Lack of DevOps mindset to develop an efficient delivery system

The Solution

Virtusa adopted a three-phase approach for implementing transformation for the client:

Discovery phase: We interviewed over 80 stakeholders and observed various agile ceremonies across different product lines during this phase. Additionally, we analyzed the existing SDLC, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and supporting documents to understand the current working methods.

Design phase: Based on the findings from the discovery phase, we developed process improvements, recommended tools, culture, and roles needed for the transformation initiative. This phase also involved providing key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure progress and success.

Pilot phase: It involved implementing the recommendations derived from the design phase. One of the activities undertaken was the development of templates to address identified gaps in the existing processes or documentation.

The Benefit

The solutions we implemented in the three phases aimed to benefit the organization in the following ways:

  • Improved agile ways of working by 130% and leading to faster time to market
  • Improved efficiency by ~60% of their entire SDLC by building an exhaustive structured process flow diagram by working together with the project management team and the engineering team
  • Improved engineering rigor leading to improved productivity by 53%
  • Improved team engagement and collaboration by ~50%
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