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Virtusa modernizes dialysis leader's infrastructure with Azure Kubernetes Services

Reduces downtime by 40%

In today's healthcare landscape, agility, and efficiency are paramount. Leading healthcare providers constantly seek innovative solutions to improve patient care, reduce costs, and streamline operations. However, legacy infrastructure and complex deployment processes often hinder these goals. This success story explores how Virtusa, a Microsoft Solutions Partner, partnered with a global leader in renal care to modernize its IT infrastructure and significantly reduce downtime.

The Challenge

Streamlining deployments for a global renal care leader

Our client, a world leader who provides products and services for individuals with renal diseases, is committed to providing life-saving treatments to millions of patients worldwide. It also manages a complex network of dialysis clinics and production facilities across the globe. However, its legacy IT infrastructure and deployment process hindered agility and innovation due to:

  • Slow-release cycles: Manual approvals and comprehensive testing slowed deployment, delaying new features and bug fixes. 
  • Monolithic architecture: Changes to a single function required redeployment of the entire application, further extending release times.
The Solution

Microservices architecture on Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

Virtusa proposed and implemented the following transformative solutions to streamline deployments and modernize the client's infrastructure:

  • Microservices architecture: We refactored monolithic applications into smaller, independent microservices. This enables modifications to individual services without impacting the entire application, significantly reducing testing time. 
  • Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS): We migrated the microservices to AKS, a managed container orchestration service. AKS automates container deployment, scaling, and management, ensuring high availability and scalability. 

The critical components of the Virtusa solution included the following: 

  • Microservices implementation and AKS migration: The Readycipher service was migrated from an Azure VM (Virtual Machine) to AKS, along with the implementation and introduction of new microservices such as Readycipher, Readycipher crypto service, Readycipher sign service, Readycipher certificate service, and Readycipher Audit service for enhanced functionality. 
  • Containerization: Utilization of AKS, an Azure container orchestrator, to bundle the microservices for efficient deployment and management.
  • Automation and CI/CD pipelines: Automating dependent software installation and scripts using Dockerfile. Each microservice had its automated continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline for seamless build, testing, and deployment. 
  •  API routing and security: A secure Azure VM running Apache2 routed and validated each API call before forwarding them to the AKS-hosted Readycipher server.
Solution - Azure Kubernetes Services
The Benefit

Improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced security

This collaborative effort yielded the following significant benefits for the client:

  • 40% reduction in downtime: deploying microservices in AKS and utilizing load balancing with horizontal pod autoscaler (HPA) reduced downtime significantly.
  • 10% faster deployments: Implementing automated CI/CD pipelines shortened the deployment times.
  • 15% cost savings: Our optimized resource usage and removing unnecessary resources led to 15% cost savings.
  • Modernized technology stack: The migration to AKS and microservices architecture modernized the client's infrastructure, improving agility and scalability.
  • 20% reduction in manual effort: Microservices and application insights/workbooks enabled a 20% reduction in manual troubleshooting and task monitoring.
  • Enhanced security: The microservices architecture facilitated the integration of DAST (dynamic application security testing) and SAST (static application security testing) within the DevOps pipeline, strengthening the security posture.

Partner with Virtusa for a healthier future

This leading healthcare provider achieved a significant transformation by leveraging Virtusa's expertise in Azure and modern development practices. Contact Virtusa today to discuss how we can help you modernize your healthcare infrastructure and deliver exceptional patient care.

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