Application Modernization

Modernize apps, take out barriers, 
and be a digital pioneer

In a digitally evolving business landscape, organizations must stay ahead of the curve. However, legacy applications and their associated technical debts make it difficult for businesses to create an agile environment and enhance process efficiency.

Application modernization can create the flexible infrastructure environment businesses need to outperform competitors.

Achieve 30% faster app modernization with Virtusa Application Modernization. Modernize your end-of-the-road legacy systems and turn them into intelligent business-aware applications to achieve superior customer experience, cost reduction, and higher market share.

Application modernization - key features
Key features

Powered by DevOps-based automation, unique microservices architecture, and a cloud scale and integrated security approach, Virtusa Application Modernization helps optimize your application modernization journey.

We help discover your complex application portfolio and create an accelerated roadmap to ensure a successful modernization journey for each application.

Deep app discovery and analysis

  • Identify dependencies between applications and processes on different servers
  • Provide recommendations report for containerization and make the journey quick, predictable, and efficient


  • Automated refactoring at code level, process level, and platform level
  • Automated containerization and process decomposition 


  • Environment setup using vPaaC (Infrastructure as Code) with integrated DevOps and Security
  • Automated deployment of containerized applications in a highly scalable architecture 

Continuous improvement

  • Continuous cost savings through architecture optimization
  • Continuous innovation through Virtusa tools (OIP, Insightlive-SDLC)


Key accelerators
  • FAST (Framework assisted solution templates): code generation in any language, any cloud, and any pattern
  • Container FastTrack: multi-cloud automated containerization platform powered by CloudHedge
  • Insightlive-SDLC: optimizes and ensures sustainable cloud usage
  • vPaaC (Virtusa Pattern as a Code): powered by Terraform Studio, accelerates productivity by 30% and infrastructure provisioning with automated deployment of IaC strengthened by security with design
  • Open Innovation Platform (OIP) (Innovation Sandbox): provides an API marketplace and a low-code platform to facilitate internal and external collaboration
Key benefits
  • 30% faster app modernization than industry standards
  • Unique DevOps and CI/CD approach that certifies security
  • 30% improved productivity powered by vPaaC
  • Internal and external collaboration enabled by OIP
  • Multi-lingual code generation in diverse patterns with FAST 

Success story

Leading European bank reduces business application’s time-to-market by using cloud-based microservices containerized platform resulting in 35% savings

Virtusa architected a cloud-agnostic solution and enabled support for application containers using dockers with Kubernetes. As part of the engagement, we deployed microservices using containers technology with CI/CD for infrastructure and application. By implementing best practices for continuous delivery and integration, the solution helped reduce time to market, and improve scalability and business resilience.

Success story

Virtusa helps a large media company reduce cost by up to 90% using serverless architecture 

The outdated application and servers increased maintenance costs for the client. Virtusa architected an extendable web application framework that would replace the current application. By utilizing the AWS Serverless Architecture stack, Virtusa accelerated development cycles. The infrastructure-as-code further helped reduce time to build infra stacks and operational expenses.

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