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Virtusa enabled a major North American bank to scale their bot capacity by over 170%

The client had more than 100 bots in production, with multiple additional bots being built and deployed rapidly. They wanted to reduce the manual effort for bot support and ensure high bot infrastructure availability.

Being a dedicated partner, Virtusa applied its Intelligent Robotic Operations framework and accelerators to streamline live bot monitoring, maintenance, and incident management. The solution enabled the client to scale live bot volume by over 170%+ without any additional increase in the manual effort while ensuring the high availability of live bots and infrastructure. 

The Challenge

The client had more than 100+ bots in production and was finding it challenging to manually support production bots, manage changes, and ensure high uptime. They wanted to:

  • Establish a scalable 24x7 support model for live bots
  • Reduce manual effort for bot support
  • Proactively monitor live bots and prevent incidents
  • Ensure that the manual support team size does not go up linearly with the number of bots
  • Meet service level agreements (SLAs) for live business processes
  • Ensure high bot infrastructure availability
The Solution

Virtusa built a dedicated 24x7 support team to maintain and support application and bot infrastructure. Our Preempt, Accelerate, and Compress methodology was applied to ensure continuous productivity improvement of RPA support developers. We implemented our vBrain solution to perform continuous health checks of live bots and monitor the environment to ensure high availability. 

We applied AIOps principles to predict events and prevent incidents proactively. Our solution integrated with the client’s email system and ticket management platform (ServiceNow) to enable automated ticket creation and initial triage.

Intelligent Robotic Operations solution
The Benefit

Virtusa implemented Intelligent Robotic Operations solution that enabled the client to scale their live bot volume by over 170%+ with a 0% increase in the team size and manual effort required to support bots. Other benefits include:

30% reduced cycle time and cost of application support

>99% bot availability

200%+ additional bot scale with 0% manual capacity addition

70% bot incident triage automated

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