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Enterprises Re-Engineered at Virtusa's State- of-the-Art Digital UX Lab

The client is a leading Fortune 500 pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world. Virtusa came in as a preferred strategic partner and has been engaged for 15+ years in supporting the organization through multiple digital, infrastructure, and enterprise information management services.

Virtusa's Digital User Experience (UX) Lab in Indianapolis is an interactive media workspace that implements early stage UX, gaming and digital asset usability testing to deliver high quality customer engagement across social, mobile and web channels.

Virtusa supports the client with usability testing, customer insights and feedback for sketches, wireframes, designs, and prototypes during development sprints and for live products.

Our services to the client include:

  • In-Person Moderated Usability Testing -Conducted at our lab in Indianapolis or at the client's location
  • Remote Moderated Usability Testing -We moderate usability tests and observe participants using web conferencing
  • Benchmark Testing / Market Research -We establish a baseline and measure the client's website, app or product usability against that of similar companies or competition



The Challenge

Outdated site design impeding user navigation and impacting the brand negatively

The client's PatientOne program offers a one-stop location for co-pay applications for Oncology brands. The site design was outdated and difficult to navigate which was drastically impacting the customer engagement. As a result, PatientOne eroded the enterprise's brand equity.

The Solution

UX re-engineering encompassing Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi design

Virtusa's Digital UX Lab team was brought in to revamp the aesthetics of the site while maintaining a focus on usability and information discoverability. Services provided by Virtusa included:

  • Complete site redesign and UX re-engineering from scratch
  • Renewed site map, low fidelity wireframes that were reviewed and tested by stakeholders, Hi-Fi mockups with visual design and an interactive prototype that was taken through Market Research with real HCPs.
  • Virtusa leveraged tools such as Sketch (Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi design), Axure (prototyping), InVision (Prototyping/collaborating)
  • Usability testing was conducted by Nielsen
The Solution
The Benefit

Improved response from HCPs and patients

The feedback received through market research was overwhelmingly positive. Study participants included practicing healthcare providers (HCPs) and the respondents highlighted the cleanliness, professional look and usability of the proposed design.

Healthcare providers and their staff could use this site better to download co-pay applications and helpful resources for their patients.

Patients could use the site to find more information regarding eligibility criteria, charitable foundations, patient support and requisite application forms.

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