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In the new normal, it’s imperative for the life sciences and healthcare industry to shift from volume to value and focus on understanding what drives an engaged consumer. Consumers expect higher transparency, ease of use, greater accessibility, and responsiveness from the life sciences and healthcare industry. Therefore, building a culture of innovation to capitalize on customer-focused capabilities, such as telehealth, patient engagement, and healthcare interoperability solutions are some of the new priorities that the industry must address.

As technology pushes the boundary, so does Virtusa, pioneering healthcare and life sciences solutions that address the changing needs of payers, providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and government organizations. The reason why leading life sciences and healthcare organizations and industry analysts have recognized us for our exceptional quality in digital engineering and transformational IT capabilities.

Healthcare Solutions:

The shift from volume to value is continuous and cost-effective to deliver better patient care. Healthcare payers and providers are looking to leverage digital technologies to enhance care quality.

Virtusa’s healthcare solutions provide organizations the innovation and transformation expertise to meet competitive, regulatory, financial, and customer service requirements.

Our healthcare solutions position firms to excel in a period of disruption, change, and uncertainty. We help redefine their operating models, healthcare IT solutions, customer engagement processes, and the entire ecosystem to fulfil market demand.

Life Sciences Solutions:

In the current situation life sciences companies navigate a landscape where the market and competition dynamics are in flux. Drug pricing pressure, the patent cliff, increasingly stringent regulations, growth into emerging markets, and a shift to outcomes-based payment structures are a new reality. 

Virtusa’s life sciences solutions help companies stay ahead of the game. We implement business models centered on delivering better patient care and outcomes at a lower cost. We combine our deep life sciences experience with next-generation technological capabilities to build software solutions that help companies thrive in this new ecosystem.

We bring together the skills and expertise life sciences firms need most to create and improve patient experience. Our life sciences solutions help organizations rethink customer engagement to be patient centric, reshape the supply chains to be cost-effective, and restructure research and development to help bring medicines to patients faster.

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Hype Cycle for Digital Care Delivery Including Telemedicine and Virtual Care, 2020

In the 'Hype Cycle for Digital Care Delivery Including Telemedicine and Virtual Care' report, we've identified 12 Gartner-defined technologies and paired them with our Point of View.

These concepts are essential to developing digital care strategies to solve real business problems and explore new opportunities. 

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