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Top financial firm accelerates cloud adoption by 300% with Virtusa’s Azure migration expertise

Our client is a top 3 American diversified financial services, brokerage, and asset management corporation with a legacy of over 75 years. With assets under management approaching $5 trillion, they offer a comprehensive suite of financial services – empowering customers to achieve their financial goals with cutting-edge products and services delivered through seamless digital platforms. 

The Challenge

The client embarked on an ambitious and strategic Azure migration and modernization journey. This initiative aimed to enhance time to market agility, improve user experience, and reduce IT costs. However, the sheer magnitude of their migration program encountered the following roadblocks that were jeopardizing the success of achieving their strategic goals:

  • Their diverse and complex application landscape presented unique migration challenges that went beyond the expertise and knowledge of their internal teams.
  • Internal resource constraints were slowing down the decision making and execution
The Solution

A streamlined approach with measurable results

Virtusa, a Microsoft Solutions Partner with extensive experience in Azure migration and modernization, partnered with the client to overcome these challenges. By leveraging our understanding of Azure, we empowered the client to accelerate their Azure journey with a multi-pronged approach:

  • We implemented standardized migration processes, including questionnaires, workshops, and daily standups to ensure smooth transition and execution. 
  • We deployed Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to automate infrastructure provisioning and developed templates for migration pipeline creation. 
  • We provided comprehensive training and upskilling to the client’s internal squads, equipping them with the necessary skills to adopt best practices and expedite future migrations, particularly for their most prevalent pattern of business apps to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
Azure Cloud Migration Solution
The Benefit

Unlocking the power of the cloud

This collaborative Azure migration and modernization efforts yielded significant results for the client:

  • 300% faster migration achieved through streamlined processes and automation tools like Azure Logic Apps and Functions
  • Establishment of clear and predictable delivery timelines for various migration complexities to ensure consistent project delivery.
  • Exceeding migration goals to surpass their target of migrating 162 applications by the end of fiscal year.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) by modernizing application on Azure to improve resource utilization and optimize infrastructure costs. 
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