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Taking IT Infrastructure to the Next Level with Virtusa and Google Cloud Platform

This Chicago-based financial corporation, and one of the largest commercial insurers in the US, was looking to level up its IT infrastructure as digital transformation becomes a necessity. Looking for a secure and agile cloud-based platform, this company teamed up with Virtusa and Google Cloud Platform to modernize the architecture and provide a flexible and scalable environment to optimize costs and react to business opportunities swiftly.



The Challenge

The following business issues were keeping this financial corporation from reaching the next level in its digital transformation efforts.

  • Lack of a core foundation equipped with state-of-the-art automation of incident management and reporting, network safety, monitoring and logging, and provisioning and de-provisioning of infrastructure and workload scheduling for user accounts
  • Need for robust file and object storage and recovery, operational backups and recovery, and disaster recovery architecture
  • Cost-efficient way to migrate data to a multi-cloud environment
The Solution

These digital transformation goals became a reality working with Virtusa's deep engineering expertise and Google Cloud Platform's flexible architecture.

  • Implemented continuous integration and deployment with release and rollback management
  • Leveraged DevOps automation to integrate infrastructure to a secure multi-cloud environment
  • Defined and turned important variables into measurable factors with database and application runtime operationalization
The Solution
The Benefit

With our solution, this financial giant now has the core foundation needed to sustain its digital edge and keep up with demand in this growing digital business landscape.

  • Automated process, data provisioning, and maintenance within the new infrastructure led to productivity efficiencies and cost optimization
  • Flexible, agile, and scalable multi-cloud environment led to increased performance of data usage and deployment on-demand
Google Cloud Platform

End-to-end transformational change

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