success story

Shortened time to market through reduced QA cycles

The client, a leading Fortune 500 U.S. Healthcare insurance company, had 138 complex applications with as many as eight software releases per year. Software release testing was an ineffective, manual process and the consequent delays impacted time-to-market and customer experience.



The Challenge

Software release testing was manual and ineffective

Their testing process was weighed down by large effort estimates, scarce resources, and process bottlenecks. The client needed to address the following key challenges:

  • An unsatisfactory speed of launch of new products and services
  • High defect density in major releases
  • Inconsistent and inefficient testing efforts across releases
The Solution

Innovative and adaptive solutions

Virtusa proposed, implemented, and supported a highly leveraged, framework-driven test automation platform called VTAF. VTAF is a well-defined, easy-to-use, robust, reusable and scalable automation framework.

The Solution
The Benefit

Identify defects earlier in the testing cycles

The engagement empowered our client to be better positioned in the competitive landscape. Virtusa supported the client's business strategy and enhanced its status as a global leader. Over sixty highly-skilled staff were deployed to over fifteen engagements, in conjunction with over 80 subject matter experts. During this engagement, Virtusa developed:

  • A roadmap for implementing test automation for 138 insurance applications
  • A highly scalable and maintainable test automation framework that was usable across multiple technologies
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