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Reducing operating costs by up to 90% by utilizing a serverless architecture built on AWS

A media giant from the U.S wanted to modernize its applications as a way to contain costs and up the ante in business efficiencies. Virtusa helped client deploy AWS' Serverless architecture stack to cut costs, reduce implementation time, and significantly limit dependency on servers.




The company wanted to work with a Serverless architecture and sought Virtusa's help to deploy AWS' infrastructure to manage their business.

  • The application being used was outdated, becoming increasingly expensive to maintain
  • Limit the dependency on servers as running additional servers was cost intensive

Virtusa's deployed AWS' Serverless architecture stack that helps develop and deliver applications and services without depending on servers. The solution helped:

  • Architect an extendable web application framework that would completely replace the current applications
  • Utilize infrastructure-as-code, allowing for a completely version controlled application
  • Create an interactive, intuitive UI that enhances user experience

Moving to AWS' Serverless architecture delivered significant business benefits to the company.

  • Lowered costs by up to 90% in majority components of the application
  • Reduced the reliance on servers almost completely, allowing for significantly faster development cycles
  • Created an infrastructure stack that can be deployed in less than 15 minutes
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