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Virtusa delivers productivity application suite for a large fast food company using MS Azure PaaS

Virtusa's client, a world leading fast food chain with business units located around the globe, wanted to better understand the costs, margins, and other analytics associated with each individual location. Virtusa built out a hybrid cloud solution, on the Microsoft Azure platform, to provide real time analytics and detailed information for more efficient cost management per location.

Microsoft's partnership with Virtusa allows seamless integration of our solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.



The Challenge

Operational Challenges

      Before Productivity

       Application Suite:

  • Back office functions were stored in an Excel workbook with 1000+ formulas & macros
  • Maintaining an Excel workbook has become difficult with the growing number of retail stores
  • Availability and data integrity

Business Challenges

  • Reducing business impact during unexpected outages
  • Reducing infrastructure investments and improving ROI
  • Elastic application scalability
The Solution

Virtusa has proposed a cloud based productivity application suite for the client's retail stores as part of a major business transformation project that comprises:

  • Increasing the productivity, efficiency, & compliance of retail store staff by developing a productivity application suite
  • Improving scalability and productivity of application suite to support a large number of stores
  • Introducing high availability with minimum business impact during an outage
  • Reducing upfront data center investments Solution proposed for enhancing the client's retail store productivity suite comprises:
  • Business Logic to be transferred from existing Excel workbook to a cloud-based web application
  • Three cloud applications to be developed using Azure Cloud Services, Azure Storage, SQL Azure & Azure Cache
  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) to be used as the application design approach to achieve elastic scalability
  • Worker roles in Azure Cloud Services to be utilized to achieve application integration via a custom-written execution framework for data integration
The Solution
The Benefit
  • Cost on Dev/Test environment provisioning has been significantly reduced
  • Better ROI on data center investments
  • Reduced upfront investments for application infrastructure
  • Improved application availability with highly available redundantAzure Cloud Services
  • Improved application life cycle management and continuous deployment
  • On-demand scalability for application infrastructure
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