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Powering the Next-generation Digital Marketing Platform for Global Finance & Accounting Firm

The client is an American business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax preparation software and related services. Their products and on-demand banking services are used by small and medium-sized businesses, professionals, mid-market banks, credit unions, and individuals. With their connected services offerings, they have made their products and solutions available across all major digital channels. The client has positively impacted the lives of more than 50 million people globally.

When the client decided to revamp their marketing efforts and focus on providing more options to their marketers, reduce campaign launch time, and improve the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, they chose to leverage a new SaaS-based platform. The client sought Virtusa owing to our expertise in digital engineering and experience in deploying innovative solutions that address our customer's challenges. Virtusa helped the client adopt the Adobe Experience Manager to bring content and campaign management under one roof. Complementing AEM with other solutions, helped the client slash their campain launch time by 50% and reduce TCO by up to 40%.



The Challenge

The client had taken up an ambitious revamp of its marketing efforts.

Toward this, they needed to:

  • Integrate its existing e-commerce platform with marketing initiatives. Doing so would empower its digital marketers to plan, design, and launch campaigns that drive demand and increase brand engagement across digital channels
  • Gain insights into customer behavior and purchase history so that marketers could make informed decisions about product offerings. Their existing tool had limited capabilities for customer behavior and campaign analytics
  • Reduce delays in launching and managing campaigns. With a single legacy platform for both content and campaign management and no segregation of roles in content and code creation, marketers had to rely on the web development team to create content and campaigns'which led to delays
  • Reduce development time, and testing delays and defects
  • Scale projects and teams as needed
The Solution

Virtusa architected a robust e-commerce platform that could handle the load of millions of visitors per month. It replaced the client's expensive e-commerce solution using an open-source platform built on Ruby on Rails. For content and campaign management, Virtusa implemented Adobe AEM, which enabled the client's business teams to author their content and manage their own campaigns.Virtusa also integrated SiteSpect for multivariate testing, Ensighten for tag management and Adobe Analytics for web analysis. The platform reduced the campaign's TCO by 30-40% and time to market over 50% by providing self-services and process governance.

Virtusa introduced web performance benchmarking to handle payloads across locations. They also introduced an open-source testing framework to automate 90% of test cases, along with a multi-variant testing tool to analyze user behavior, conversion patterns, and feedback on web properties.

Virtusa provided an executive project management dashboard so senior management could visualize and quantify parameters across projects.

The Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa helped the client establish a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) to manage and govern testing tools and processes. The move toward a cohesive online marketing platform with the integration of e-commerce and content management solutions was a phenomenal success in the US. This has been replicated across their locations in Australia, Canada, India, and the UK. Other key benefits:

  • Migration of the web channel platform to open source technology eliminated product support costs
  • Introduction of automated testing tools and automation of regression tests saw shorter testing cycles and improved testing reliability
  • Reduced production defects (by 90%) and multiple "zero priority-one (P1)" defect weeks for all web properties
  • Their marketing team responded faster to customer demands, which improved lead generation for the sales team
  • Reduced time-to-market with the Adobe AEM implementation
  • Improved page load times by up to 66%
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