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Optimizing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Our client is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. They develop and produce medicine and vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines.



The Challenge

In the face of growing competition, pharmaceutical companies realize the diminished economies of scale in today's supply chain. Our client, an established and global leader as a logistics provider stepped into help a pharmaceutical company manage its supply chain. Oracle E-Biz was to be deployed to manage this, but the implementation soon ran into trouble as a result of:

  • Lack of domain knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Inexperience in Oracle application
  • Insufficient knowledge of complex Indian taxation structure for the pharmaceutical industry
The Solution

Virtusa supported the implementation and established a seamless process across the order-to-cash cycle for our client's client. The solutions:

  • Interface for breakless data flow between applications for effective supply chain management
  • Implemented and mapped the tax structure on Oracle applications
  • Implemented special features like multiple invoice generation from a single SO, promotional schemes, inventory tracking at Chartered Financial Assistants (CFAs) location, and incorporation of validations and restrictions as per GMP certification norms
The Solution
The Benefit

The implementation helped our client launch a new line of business offerings to manage their client's end-to-end supply chain. Virtusa was recognized for helping its client create a new revenue stream. Other notable benefits:

  • Effective supply chain management
  • Optimized order-to-cash cycle
  • Improved inventory management by tracking at the CFA location levels
  • One-hundred percent compliance of strict regulatory guidelines
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