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Meticulous quality engineering and assurance (QEA) by Virtusa for a leading insurance provider in the US


Utilized robust test frameworks on Duck Creek platform, creating reusable assets in commercial lines

With a legacy of over 110 years, the client specializes in providing insurance for the transportation industry. They are licensed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canadian provinces to provide comprehensive insurance programs to trucking fleets, motorcoach operations, and limousine services. Their products are backed by a dedicated loss prevention and safety services team, experienced claims management, and superior customer service.

The client faced enormous challenges processing high volumes of data transactions on their legacy platforms every day. The major challenge was limited documentation and knowledge on impact analysis and workflows, resulting in new resource onboarding and training problems. Virtusa as a strategic consulting partner, brought in their pool of expertise to resolve complex business problems and upgraded the client's existing systems to Duck Creek policy core.

Our team of expert professionals provided a rating and fulfillment engine algorithm to facilitate the new enhancement within the commercial fleet insurance. With our solution, the client created several robust, reusable assets and a knowledge repository for the business and the engineering teams enhancing the overall productivity.

The Challenge

The client's existing legacy platform consisted of over 22 separate applications supporting three main business lines linked with in-house and third-party developed systems. Hence, they had complex structures and integration layers that could not be leveraged for scaling up operations and enhancements with increased business volumes catering to end-to-end policy servicing, claims, billing, payments, and accounting systems.

The outdated systems led to recording high volumes of data transaction processes daily via batch jobs on the production data, verification and validation of enhancements, and complex change requests. The requests require well-equipped resources who know the downstream applications and the business processes. The limited documentation or knowledge of the existing systems and challenges in new resources onboarding and training made it more challenging for the client, resulting in inefficient systems.

The Solution

Virtusa being a strategic consulting partner, has been at the forefront, assisting the client to overcome this business challenge with optimum investment using the existing legacy systems.

We started with bringing in a pool of experts who invested time to document the current representation of the end-to-end workflows. It included the current integrations, technical architecture, business rules, and data models to get the required insights on the existing legacy ecosystem. Subsequently, the team made complex changes and upgraded the Duck Creek policy core, rating, and fulfillment engine algorithm to facilitate the new enhancement within the commercial fleet insurance. This facilitated greater enhancements, scalability, and time to market with functional and technical documentation in place.

In addition, the team automated FROI (First Report of Injury) and SROI (Second report of Injury) for worker's compensation. Also, they utilized Virtusa's IP test framework and assets to streamline the test plan, test design, and test execution.

Meticulous Quality Engineering and Assurance Solutions
The Benefit
  • Delivered test coverage for all enhancements across applications by 100%
  • Comprehensive system documentation on functional and technical knowhow and end-to-end integration in place focusing on smooth onboarding of new joiners
  • Successful enhancement is done for two dozen highly complex and firmly integrated legacy systems with zero production defect leakage
  • On-time delivery maintained by 100%
  • Operational efficiency enhanced by a great margin
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