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A leading Mass Media Corporation Reduces TCO with Virtusa's Cloud Migration Factory Model

The client is a leading media conglomerate envisioned building a robust digital platform to distribute content that would help them reduce TCO and improve business efficiency.The main driver to move to the cloud was to address the number of challenges including applications with multiple physical instances running on diverse platforms which were making the operations expensive and consistently difficult.

The client planned to move 75% of its infrastructure and applications to cloud as part of its multi-year infrastructure transformation strategy. Virtusa was chosen to transform their infrastructure platform.



The Challenge
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by migrating 1000+ applications to the cloud
  • Improve business capability by leveraging cloud services
  • Limit cost of transformation in order to adhere to ROI objectives
The Solution
  • Leveraged a proven cloud readiness assessment framework for application portfolio assessment
  • Identified dependencies and classified applications based on business criticality and LOB's high availability
  • Proposed a transformational program that leveraged our Cloud Migration Factory to migrate apps to AWS & Google Cloud
  • Planned and conducted pilot migration and POC to prove cloud suitability
  • Defined security guidelines for cloud environments
  • Created repeatable processes with re-usable artifacts which can be applied for application migration in a factory-like model
  • Architected and implemented the landing zone for cloud factory model
  • Balanced cloud portability and use of cloud platform specific services
  • Performed data migration from database, static content, and message queues to AWS
The Solution
The Benefit
  • Significant cost savings in infrastructure and maintenance overhead
  • Reduction in time spent on cloud migration
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