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Marketing Software Giant Meets Demand Faster and Improves Time-to-Market with New, Agile Google Cloud

The ever-evolving MarTech landscape paired with this account-based marketing software company’s rapid business growth meant it was time to upgrade its current IT infrastructure to a more powerful and agile cloud platform. The ingress of new customers meant applications not only needed to work reliably across the globe, but they also needed to scale in parallel with growth.



The Challenge

To support business growth this marketing software company teamed up with Virtusa and Google Cloud to engineer infrastructure that can keep up with the following business needs.

  • Migrate 70+ engineering applications from on-prem to Google Cloud
  • Address performance and scale the applications to meet customer growth
  • Establish a geo-presence that runs apps in multiple regions to serve customers globally
The Solution

Our solution successfully migrated the applications to the Cloud and added the following benefits to the new architecture.

  • Robust automation of infrastructure on immutable servers to avoid configuration drifts
  • Scalable storage, management, and access to data to keep up with demand
  • Agile infrastructure that supports moving data across multiple environments to serve global users
  • Real-time system alerting and monitoring enabled using Google Stackdriver
  • Secure integration of existing identity access management (IAM) for its on-prem active directory with the Google Cloud
The Solution
The Benefit

The solution delivered scalability of applications to meet demand and improve the company’s time to market.

  • Automated process, data provisioning, and maintenance within the new infrastructure provided the system agility and flexibility needed for this company to react to business opportunities faster
  • No compromise on quality for on-time delivery due to on-demand deployment
  • Conscious technical debt
Google Cloud

End-to-end transformational change

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