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A Leading Global Pharmaceutical Organization Digitized its Sample Collections Process

A leading global pharmaceutical organization joined hands with Virtusa to design and develop a phased implementation of a digitized sample collection process with SCORE Plan solution. After reconciling the sample collection process gap, we developed a digitized and authoritative catalog for sample entry, a reconciliation tool for data tracking, and a patient data repository for recording results.

The Challenge

The current Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) process is a manual, inaccurate, and time-consuming, leading to protocol amendments.

 It leads to more mistakes in sample collections and several challenges like:

  • Lack of re-usability in creating future study protocols
  • Non-standardized terminology across studies with poor quality
  • Cumbersome sample tracking process to answer questions about sample location and status
  • Inefficient and time-consuming process to reconcile expected versus actual sample collections
  • Troublesome process to link sample (derivatives) back to subject data due to missing lineage information
The Solution

Virtusa helped develop a solution with a detailed study of the sample collection process, how visits are captured, and what data/metadata needs to be recorded from study protocols and lab manuals.

We helped them:

  • Store all data using a common controlled vocabulary
  • Wrap the process using Pega’s workflow and reporting capabilities
  • Allow for verification and data entry via sophisticated user interface
  • Leverage the data for future study protocols and develop bio sample management plans
  • Develop an AI/NLP based process to extract information from study protocols and lab manuals
  • Integrate with backend systems such as Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Rave, and Consent
Digital Sample Collection Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa helped improve productivity by eliminating manual tracking, ensuring an accurate reconciliation process with proactive sample collection monitoring, and faster forecasting sample requirements.

Productivity benefits:

  • Single source of data for sample collections, eliminating manual trackers
  • Proactive monitoring of sample collection through eManifests to ensure collection

Cost and time to market benefits:

  • Reduce high skilled resources doing data entry
  • Enhance automation capabilities of sample data tracking and reconciliatio
  • Faster, more agile development of Statement-of-Work (SoW) and lab manuals 

Regulatory benefits:

  • Provide traceability and consistency
  • Better data quality in submissions and fewer protocol amendments
  • Increased accuracy for total sample volumes with informed consent



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