Automated reconciliation and monitoring of sample collections

Clinical trial protocols depend on biological specimen analysis. Sample collection requirements in such trials are becoming more complex due to precision medicine and focus on biomarker analysis. To address the common barriers, improve clinical trial efficiency, and optimize the use of scientific assets, Virtusa has developed an innovative solution, SCORE Plan that enables automated reconciliation, monitoring, and reuse of bio sample data. It is part of the Sample Collection, Orchestration and Reconciliation (SCORE) solution set.

The solution is designed with detailed workflows involved in the sample collection process required by good clinical practice. Our strategic process flow helps the client develop a future state architecture that simplifies sample collection and assists in reconciling the required sample collection against what was collected by the investigator sites.

SCORE Plan solution framework enables: 

  • Automate data entry and elimination of manual sample tracking 
  • Control the tasks related to sample collection in a digital workflow 
  • Provide a visual and intuitive user interface across process workflow 
  • Create integration points to Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), consent tracking, and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

SCORE Plan solution supports digitizing end-to-end sample collection processes that enable automated monitoring, reconciliation of sample collection, and reuse of biosample data.


Our solution:

  • Combines structured and unstructured data by applying natural language processing algorithms
  • Creates a structured plan for visits, subjects, and samples to be collected
  • Provides a detailed report of all the samples collected
  • Creates a series of workflow steps through an intuitive user interface
  • Provides a visual dashboard showing in-progress status, including gaps in the sample collection process
  • Stores all data using a common, controlled vocabulary
  • Leverages the data available for use in future study protocols
  • Integrates with both internal and existing clinical research systems
Key benefits

Automated and accurate reconciliation:

  • Uses sample collection information collected from the sites in CDMS and compares to the schedule of sample collections 
  • Allows continuous monitoring of sample collections enabling quick resolution of discrepancies 

Reduced costs and improved study protocol execution: 

  • Enhance automation capabilities of sample data tracking and reconciliation 
  • Faster and more agile development of contracts and lab manuals 
  • Reduce the burden on highly skilled resources for manual data entry 

Improved compliance: 

  • Improves data quality and integrity for submissions 
  • Provides end-to-end traceability and consistency 
  • Increases accuracy for total sample volumes with informed consent

Increased efficiency: 

  • 30% reduction in manual effort to transcribe data from the protocol document
  • Single source of data for sample collections, eliminating manual trackers 
  • Proactive monitoring of sample collection – via visualizations to show the progress of the process 

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