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success story

Leading Banking Firm Scale Agile with Virtusa’s Output driven POD model

Ramped up PODs in less than 3 weeks

The client is a physical programming language for young learners. Their academic tools consist of a physical kit, which includes a hub, pods, and other devices. The client associated with Virtusa, for transforming their tech arsenal to an agile Product Oriented Development engagement model.

The Challenge

The client works across multiple platforms with their app's PODs, hubs, and physical kits. They were looking to expand their PODs and wanted a technology transformation partner who could deliver this transformation in an Agile way. The client faced the following challenges:

  • Multiple cross-platform tech transformations stagnated with a legacy model of development
  • Incumbents are not supporting the customer in their transformation in an Agile way
  • Demonstrating efficient ROI for delivered stories
The Solution

Virtusa maximized the client's revenue with Agile maturity and optimal POD team setup through operational transparency and eliminating wasted efforts. Virtusa's scaled and distributed Agile execution offered:

  • Self-starting Agile POD-based delivery across LOBs, with optimized feature teams 
  • Outcome-driven engagement model with standardized metrics and governance across >25 PODs
  • Specialized frameworks and Standard interfaces to host multiple systems, security & sessions management
  • Committed Non-value time reduction with DevOps and automation across the SDLC 
  • Dedicated academy model with self-starting PODs
  • PODs ramped in 2-3 weeks of lead-time across all locations
Virtusa’s Output driven POD model
The Benefit

With Agile maturity, the client could achieve a cost-efficient, scalable development and engagement model. 70% of current PODs are operating at a mature Agile state for the client. Some of the other benefits for the client are:

20% effort reduction to deliver per unit story point

50% of PODs are ready to move to smaller go-live cycles driving faster lead time to market

0.1% defects leakage to higher and live environments

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