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A leading American home-entertainment provider redefined its remarketing with analytics


Virtusa helped a leading American home-entertainment provider harness the power of personalization through segmentation and targeting while following an omnichannel approach with analytics.

The Challenge

With over 400 pages and proxy pages, mobile standalone pages, and email landing pages not connected to the main website, the client could not enhance the website experience for its subscribers. Moreover, the client’s legacy website system was not mobile-friendly, thus, limiting the ability to support digital media campaigns.

As a result, the client could not engage with its existing and potential customers with the right message at the right time with the right offer. In addition, it could not track web metrics with analytics to capture buying behavior and website experience for marketing. The client wanted to reduce its dependency on independent IT. It also wanted to reduce its reliance on multiple external content creators to decrease costs with third-party creative agencies.

The solution

The client’s technology and marketing leaders partnered with Virtusa to share their current roadmap, understand the benefits of a redefined digital roadmap, and align it with media campaigns.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

We helped the client to develop a plan for website personalization with AEM. This reduced redundancies with multiple vendors to build mobile and email landing pages and creative assets.

It also enhanced the client’s user experience by simplifying its website and delivering dynamic content. In addition, it supports media advertising to provide a seamless experience while providing the right offers to audiences.


Adobe Analytics and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

We also implemented analytics on the entire website and order-buy-flow to centralize all third-party tags on DTM. Thus, assisting in site-remarketing and shopping-cart-abandonment remarketing.

Adobe Analytics also captured all digital media campaigns into an omnichannel structure. Doing so optimized the client’s content on different channels or devices, thereby reducing the repository sizes.

Adobe’s Data Management platform

Adobe’s Data Management platform

Our approach enabled the client to align offers with media buying and audiences while maintaining dynamic tracking over the phone, chat, and web. The client’s web ops published on-demand web content to deliver a more consistent and responsive digital experience using pre-defined templates.

As a result, the client could target the relevant offers to its subscribers, thus enjoying faster time-to-market.

The Benefits

Faster time-to-market

Enhanced user experience

Increased ROI

Improved brand visibility

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