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A leading American healthcare payer elevates customer experience

With Digital 360

Virtusa helped a leading American healthcare payer streamline their contact system and reduce average call time by up to 75%.

The Challenge

The client has tens of millions of customers across the globe, with an important emphasis on one micro-population: family members of those with special needs. A key goal of improving the special needs program was to create a more consistent, attentive customer experience for this subset of customers. Since the payer receives over 60 million calls per year across different lines of business, the need for a streamlined contact system was evident.

The Solution

Leveraging a combination of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Experience Cloud, Virtusa helped the payer streamline their contact system and make it more efficient.

By deploying Experience Cloud, we were able to create a much-needed digital space for advocates, families, and care providers. It enabled them to access information, increase personal agency, and collaborate as one for the first time.

Virtusa furthered the goals and objectives of the client's special needs program by ensuring members receive regular content tailored to their specific needs and delivered promptly through the channel of their choice with Marketing Cloud.

Lastly, Virtusa seamlessly implemented Digital 360 that provided the perfect solution for establishing a world-class, connected care ecosystem that supported families in complex healthcare insurance journeys.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Experience Cloud
The Benefit

From improving notifications on prior authorizations and claims to providing updates on support cases, the healthcare payer is now equipped to provide knowledge and support to customers who need it most.

The power of Experience Cloud and Marketing Cloud combined with seamless implementation enabled our customers to provide families with the support they need to navigate their loved one’s complex care situation better than ever possible before.

  • Reduced average call time by up to 75%
  • Improved Net Promoter Score significantly
  • Enhanced member experience with personalized communication
A leading healthcare payer elevates customer experiences

Learn how Virtusa connected the entire care team with Digital 360 to help the payer significantly improve their NPS

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