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Leading Airlines Carrier in Qatar Reduces Operating Cost by 20% with Responsive Website Redesign

Digitally engaging with customers to provide consistent and personalized user experience is critical for the airlines business. Leading national airlines carrier in Qatar wanted to improve website experience and reduce the overall cost of operating through multiple platforms. However, the lack of responsive UI designs and inconsistent branding across digtial channels led to delayed and disparate customer experience. The airlines needed a cost-effective solution that will optimize the website for seamless, personalized user experience across digital channels.  

The client embarked on a website redesign journey with Virtusa to standardize content across the webpages, improve the website’s mobile-friendliness and improve customer experience and website growth. With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) CMS system, the client was able to improve navigation, brand identity, and customer retention at 20% reduced cost of operation.

The Challenge

The client had outdated technology that increased operational cost and led to inconsistent branding across digital channels. The lack of user interactivity of the website across mobile platforms further affected adoption. This led to brand dilution and affected user experience.

The website also posed operational challenges for authors as standard templates and guidelines were unavailable to help them publish standardized content evoking one brand voice. The increased dependence on technical teams to address operational roadblocks further led to delays, errors, and disparate outcomes.

To meet the evolving customer requirements and deliver consistent experience across touchpoints,  the client wanted to refresh the website.

The Solution

The new implementation enabled maximum usage of the latest out-of-the-box (OOTB) features for business users, that was provided by the AEM cloud software to enhance user experience (UX) for end customer.

The solution provided configurable behavior sets enabling authors to manage content directly using pre-set templates and standards, ensuring consistency and reduced delays. It helped authors to develop, publish, and validate content on chrome browser/iOS devices and deliver consistent brand messages across platforms. 

Responsive Website Design Solutions
The benefit
  • 30%+ cost reduction in maintenance
  • Competitive differentiation and strengthening of the brand’s positioning across digital channels
  • Improved business user adoption through real-time and user-friendly content management
  • Improved user interaction and personalization through mobile applications enabled with responsive UI designs supporting iOS and Android devices
Reimagining the customer experience through technology excellence

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