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Increasing system availability by deploying AWS's IoT-based platform

A leading wearable B2B company helped enhance worker safety by integrating data from IoT devices. Real-time and accurate data is crucial for any IoT-based wearable solution. Our client wanted to enhance data accuracy and availability and hence sought a partner who could help build a solution that monitored IoT devices' connection status, data received and processed, and ensured that reliable data is available on the Hadoop cluster for analytics.




The client wanted to achieve the following objectives:

  • Monitoring the end to end process at regular intervals
  • Process the data received from IoT devices and make it available at the Hadoop cluster
  • Make sure YARN and Spark jobs are executed and completed without fail
  • Ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data is maintained for further business statistics analysis
AWS IoT Platform

Virtusa built the solution from ground-up, leveraging AWS' IoT platform with augmented by cloud and analytics capabilities.

  • Deployed a detailed dashboard for real-time monitoring of end-to-end processes
  • Implemented auto-alert system to alert relevant personnel in case of service interruption and proactively take action to avoid business interruption
  • Analyze the metrics to suggest improvements in system and service monitoring

By adopting the AWS platform, client could enhance the accuracy of data collected from IoT devices, thereby improving the alert system. Other key benefits client achieved were:

  • Easily deploy and manage various add-on solutions and services using this cloud-agnostic comprehensive monitoring solution
  • Proactively address technical glitches and ensure high availability of systems
  • Drastically cut down on repair time for outages if any
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