success story

Improved customer experience for a biotechnology giant

by implementing AWS Conversational AI (CAI)

Manual contact centers, high call volumes, and the need for additional agents – these were the major challenges faced by this biotechnology giant that joined hands with Virtusa to enhance its customer experience. We presented a solution that not only addressed the existing challenges but also presented a holistic approach by implementing AWS and CAI.

The Challenge

After formulating the world’s first drug to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s, the client was expecting colossal demand and queries from customers.  

However, it was unable to respond due to the following challenges: 

  • Manual contact centers across most of the processes. 
  • All-time high call volumes. 
  • A pressing need to hire an additional 3,000 agents.
The Solution

The client collaborated with Virtusa for its experience and expertise in the healthcare industry. 

  • Provided architectural guidance based on the best CAI practices. 
  • Created a new omnichannel platform using Amazon Connect, Lex, and Polly.  
  • Implemented CAI to handle queries across platforms. 
  • Designed and set up AWS infrastructure to offer high availability with auto-scaling and load balancing. 
  • Architected a framework to reduce the overall cost. 
  • Implemented DevOps using AWS CDK and CloudFormation templates.  
  • Developed analytics-based dashboards to provide predictive insights. 
Improved customer experience for a biotechnology giant
The Benefit

The following are the benefits reaped by the client by implementing Virtusa’s solution: 

  • The client saw a four-times increase in patient engagement statistics. 
  • With the implementation of our solution, there was 8% serverless CAI implementation. 
  • The need for manpower has been reduced by three times.  
  • The client achieved 24x7 omnichannel customer service. 
  • Quickened the development process and decreased the time to market. 
  • Efficient management of forecasted inquiries.  
  • Enhanced scalability with the CAI platform. 
Transforming customer engagements into unique experiences

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