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Google Cloud and Virtusa Create an Agile Business Platform to Transform the Future of Wearable Health Technology

Wearable fitness tracker innovator partnered with Virtusa and Google Cloud to enhance its IT infrastructure to transform business results and the future of wearable digital health technology. IT infrastructure is the central nervous system that drives success for any organization. Modernizing the architecture allows for quick and agile decision making and implementation, service orchestration, and cost-efficient IT maintenance and infrastructure, which are all necessary components to staying competitive in this data-driven market. This company needed to improve the innovation of its products and services to continue meeting its goal of delivering positive health outcomes for people around the world.



The Challenge

The following are the critical business issues that were getting in the way.

  • Plunging sales of its wearable activity tracker device
  • Growing cost of infrastructure and increasing data volumes
  • Lack of agile infrastructure that slowed service delivery, service launches, and meeting compliance requirements
  • Inability to pivot into new service areas
The Solution

This wearable health innovator moved to Google's cost-efficient cloud platform with Virtusa's 24/7/365 engineering support.

  • Migrated 1.5 petabytes of data from over 80 million device users
  • Leveraged the Google Cloud data storage platform that is HIPAA compliant
  • Created a migration factory for methodically moving workloads
  • Utilized Google's artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) predictive analytics algorithms for launching new services
The Solution
The Benefit

This next-generation platform harnesses powerful predictive analytics and the cloud to scale faster.

  • 25% cost reduction after moving to the Google Cloud

  • Agile Google cloud-based platform can launch new services faster and manage millions of user data effectively

  • Flexible infrastructure leveraging AI and ML gives decision-makers the insight needed to improve time-to-pivot and increase demand

  • Built-in security layer ensures compliance with industry regulations

Google Cloud

End-to-end transformational change

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