success story

Enhancing member experience with financial services cloud

The growth in digital interactions presents a great opportunity for companies to capture, analyze and leverage those exchanges for decision-making. But when interaction happens over both digital and offline channels, creating a complete view of a customer is a complex task.Our client, one of the largest federal credit union in the US, recognized this complexity and wanted to implement a solution that enhanced customer's experience by providing advisors with a holistic, real-time view of member information.




Legacy forms made accessing customer information an arduous task. The existing system did not deliver to our client's needs for:

  • Real time integration with the backend mainframe
  • Updated member's profile information
  • Member's financial accounts and transactions
  • Reengineering case management
  • Logging the interaction while on call with member

Virtusa's solution built on the Financial Services Cloud integrated Salesforce and the mainframe. Real-time integration with the backend mainframe offered advisors the latest customer information when on call with members. Legacy forms were replaced with a robust case management system to ensure traceability and ownership.


With real-time member information and enhanced case management, advisors spent less time in accessing customer information and more time catering to their customers -thereby significantly enhancing customer satisfaction. By automating several forms, fulfilment requests such as payoff letter and other forms were sent to members without any manual intervention, saving significant manpower and limited email backlogs.

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