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Enhancing digital test engineering for one of the world's largest web search companies

One of the world's largest web search companies uses Virtusa's digital test engineering solution for multiple products and update releases.

Synonymous with information organization, search, and access, the client's products and services are used by more than a billion users worldwide. Their portfolio includes 150+ diverse offerings, from search and email to cloud storage, a web browser, and a mobile operating system. The client is viewed as a benchmark of innovation in the digital information space.



The Challenge

The client regularly launches products across geographies and product categories. Updates to their software offerings see multiple changes in functionality and user interface. The client needed:

  • An end-to-end automated testing platform to manage their product and services portfolio including their browser, online store, social media site, and mobile operating system
  • A testing methodology that would allow for continuous requirement changes in the testing phase
  • Expert personnel to manage all of the testing and integration of their tools and services

  Key challenges for Virtusa included:

  • Daily product releases resulted in a short timeframe for test cycles
  • Faster testing to allow for multiple test iterations
  • Qualification of product releases on a plethora of devices and operating systems
  • Increasing the footprint of automated testing in a rapid release environment
The Solution

Virtusa created a robust, automated test engineering solution for several of the client's projects, primarily using open source technologies. The solution was supplemented through manual testing by a team of experts. In collaboration with stakeholders in the client's organization, Virtusa streamlined processes, provided objective guidelines for the determination of bug categories and priorities, and partnered with the engineering and User Experience teams to manage the full build and release cycles.

Virtusa's testing suite includes test case creation, release cycle snippets, integration testing, and latency testing, among several other functions.

The Solution
The Benefit

Virtusa's testing methodology resulted in the following benefits for the client:

  • An efficient, automated testing platform for multiple projects
  • Automation of 30% of test cases for time savings and improved efficiency
  • Detection of more than 99% of bugs
  • Significant improvements in regression test coverage, with a 100% increase in the number of bugs detected before public releases of the products
  • Reduced emergency pushes and disruptions for the product engineering team
  • A billing model that was tied directly to the value being delivered by the testing teams. Over the years, this model has been a testament to our expertise in the test engineering space, and has reaffirmed the value that Virtusa can deliver to its clients.
  • A single provider that provided testing on all mobile and desktop platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, MS Windows, Mac OSX etc.
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