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Virtusa enhances customer experience for leading travel company by implementing a customer master data management solution (MDM) on Talend

Companies in the travel and transportation industry are among the most committed to embracing new digital technologies. Our client, a leading travel company sought to harness data to improve their customer's experience. Every transaction leaves a digital trail, which our client wanted to analyze and use this information to personalize the entire customer journey. Additionally, setting up a customer master solution (MDM) would help achieve twin priorities -on the one hand, providing up-to-date customer information to their agents conversing with clients, and on the other hand uncover an opportunity to provide personalized online services to customers in real-time, at the most opportune moment. Since there were multiple touch-points, there was a need to create a customer hub that would house customer information integrated from different sources and formats. The solution also needed to have inbuilt analytics capabilities to mine the data and provide actionable insights.

The client wanted a partner who not only excels in delivering data transformation projects but one who also has key industry partnerships. Virtusa's expertise has helped the client achieve sustainable outcomes by adopting an MDM solution on the Talend platform. Virtusa is Talend's platinum partner and has a large team of experts dedicated to making our client's data transformation goals a success.



The Challenge

Build a holistic view of each customer to provide them highly personalized services.

  • Create as single view of the customer and enable a 1-2-1 relationship
  • Produce personalized offerings for each customer and allow upsell and cross-sell
  • Provide a seamless user experience, drive loyalty and retention
The Solution

A platform that brings all the data under one roof

  • Talend's integration, matching, and standardization services coupled with Experian enrichment was used to deploy a robust and scalable platform
  • Developed a hybrid customer hub solution to match customer information from multiple sources for operational use
  • Tightly integrated with analytical solutions, creating the golden record
The Solution
The Benefit

Making the customer feel at home when booking a travel with the company

  • Enabling the move from a booking-centric to a customer-centric world
  • Providing a golden record, single view of the customer to operational solutions
  • Loyalty program enabled for customer retention
  • Improved customer experience across channels
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