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Enabling efficiency in finance operations with genAI

Virtusa leverages genAI to increase FinOps automation and cost savings by 70%

The Challenge

Processing multiple invoices can be a timely and manual process for finance operations teams. Vendors may send their invoices through email in various formats, such as PDFs, and accounts payable teams must reconcile these invoices against their original purchase and manually enter the data into ERP systems. The number of invoices finance teams receive daily can grow high in number and be further complicated by the different formats submitted by vendors.

The Solution

Virtusa utilized a layered automation first approach with an OpenAI technology to automate accounts payable (AP) invoice processing.

  • 350 different invoice templates are analyzed, and genAI prompts are designed to describe the structure and format of each field that requires extraction.
  • An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine reads content from scanned invoice images and the output is fed to the genAI engine.
  • The genAI processes the content and recognizes fields like invoice number, date, amount, etc.
  • The data is transferred to the ERP engine via an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution.
Enabling efficiency in finance operations with Gen AI
The Benefit

Virtusa’s innovative genAI solution significantly enhances FinOps efficiency. With our help,

  • Finance teams experienced a 70% boost in automation levels for invoice processing.
  • They achieved a remarkable 70% cost reduction.
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